We manage to
connect dots

matching supply and demand, creating
strong advertising relations.

Nodo is the result of the connection of brilliant and international minds, a creative duo moved to Sardinia to embrace new opportunities and build an iconic creative team.

In our studio, we design and develop strong creative communication actions and strategies. 

We are based in Sardinia but we act internationally along with our clients/supporters.


Quartomoro, Framento, Ditrizio, Josto, Etto, Treat, Ideal Market, BPER Banca, Z'este, Zibu, CAO Formaggi, Dispensas, Tamponi, Lucchetti, Clinica Veterinaria Due Mari, Oleificio Corrias, Tagetik, Mezza Maratona Oristano, Proxienergy, Piroddi Arredamenti, The World Bank